Programme for Season 2018-19


   Monday September    3rd      Committee Meeting

                                       10th    League    Week 1

                                       17th    League    Week 2

                                        24th   League    Week 3

   Monday October          1st      League    Week 4

                                        8th      League    Week 5

 Saturday October 13th Closing date for all competitions

    Monday                      15th    League      Week 6

                                       22nd    League     Week 7

      Committee Meeting

                                       29th    League       Week 8

   Monday November       5th    Aggregate 1st Round

                                       12th    League       Week 9 Singles 1st Round (20-24)

                                       19th    League       Week 10

                                       26th    League       Week 11 Pairs 1st Round (10-12)

   Monday December       3rd    League        Week 12

                                       10th    League        Week 13 Mixed Pairs 1st Rd(12-14)

                                       17th    Aggregate 2nd Round

     Committee Meeting


   Monday January          7th     League       Week 14

                                       14th    League       Week 15 Threes 1st Round (8)

                                       21st    Handicap    1st Round

      28th.    Handicap    1st Round 

   Monday February       4th       League       Week 16

      Committee Meeting

                                       11th    League       Week 17 

                                       18th    League       Week 18 Mixed Pairs Final (12)

                                       25th    Aggregate Quarter Final

   Monday March             4th     Handicap 2nd round. Singles Final (20)

                                       11th    League        Week 19

                                       18th    League        Week 20

      Committee Meeting

                                       25th    Handicap Quarter Final. Pairs Final (12)

   Monday April                 1st    League       Week 21

                                          8th   League       Week 22    Threes Final (8)

   Monday                         15th  Captains and Vice Captains Final

   Tuesday                        16th  Handicap Cup Semi-Final

   Thursday                       18th  Aggregate Semi-Final

   Monday                          22nd Play-offs if required (Easter Monday)

   Tuesday April 30th CLOSING DATE FOR 2019-20 ENTRIES

   Closing date for Proposals, Nominations & Rule changes for AGM

   Monday  April                29th Committee Meeting

   Tuesday April                30th Handicap Cup Final

   Thursday May                2nd Aggregate Final

   Wednesday May            6th Champion of Champions Cup

   Monday June                17th Committee Meeting 

                                  Tuesday July 9th AGM 

                           Presentation Date and Venue TBA

Please note that there are no singles or pairs

second rounds