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Updated 8th April 2019


 8th April 2019

I'm back but only on light duties All results in ,one game outstanding 

26th March 2019

The secretary will not be available for 2 weeks from Thursday 28th March. Any queries please contact Ian Penney The website will be updated when he returns

16th March 2019

 All cards in on time.

Will Captains please note that if you sign a player on the night the Secretary must be informed at the time. Form can follow later but if I am not informed and the result card arrives before the signing on form there is a possibility that the new player can be treated as an unsigned player, giving me a lot of extra work. 

6th March 2019

Sorry there has been no news recently, apologies for late KO Cup draw. One outstanding game and 2 trophies to return. Please use my mobile number for the time being I still am having trouble with my landline.

16th February 2019 

Results are coming in on time and there are no outstanding games! 

The draw for the second round of the handicap KO Cup will be made as soon as an outstanding game is played. This was postponed due to the snow and the team concerned had trouble finding a date for the fixture. The committee had already extended the final date due to the snow.

There still are some trophies to be returned, will those having them please return them as soon as possible. 

20th January 2019

All cards in on time thanks

Labour Club alley is now back in use. 

12th January 2019

The problems with the Web site have hopefully been sorted. Let me know if you see anything odd.

 All cards in on time thanks. Captains if you are signing on a new player please use the correct form. If you haven't any let me know. 

4th January 2019

Happy New Year!

As some of you may have noticed there have been some unauthorised additions to some web pages. This was not down to a virus as was first thought but the culprit was an extension to the Edge browser connected with Kaspersky Password Manager. Curing it involved replacing the affected pages with new ones. This took a good few hours. Kaspersky are rated as one of the best protection programmes and the matter is being discussed with them. If anyone spots anything odd on the website please let me know. There are still a few pages to add and these will be done as time permits.

   On a brighter note all games have been played. 

29th December 2018

All the Competition draws have been posted also the Handicaps for the KO Cup, together with the Quarter Final Draw for the Aggregate Shield.

Still one outstanding game in Division One I am told it will be played shortly

16th December 2018

Handicaps will be published after the Committee meeting on Monday.

All results in on time, one outstanding game.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

12th December 2018

All results in, one a little late. Remember post early for Christmas.

I have had to fine a team for failing to notify the Secretary of a cancelled match in time although they knew a week beforehand. I must be informed of cancelled matches as soon as they are cancelled ideally at least 3 days beforehand. Remember you are obliged to play your fixture even if you have only 4 players.

2nd December 2018

All results in on time. Just waiting for one result then we can work out the Handicaps. Happy Christmas.

27th November 2018

All results in on time, one cancellation. Remember handicaps are coming up, make sure you have completed your first 11 weeks otherwise penalties may be applied.

10th November

All round aggregate results in by Saturday. Both outstanding League games played. Round one Aggregate results and 2nd Round draw have been posted.2nd round takes place Week beginning 17th December. Will Home Captains please notify opponents in good time.

3rd November

All results in by Saturday!! 

1st November

All results in in time.

Draws for Singles and Pairs have been sent to Captains.

Will Captains please note that any transfers must be notified to the Secretary in writing before the player is allowed to play.

23rd October

Results and Tables could have been published Saturday but for one missing result, you know who you are!

Draws have been made for Individual Competitions, Captains will be notified shortly.

10th October 2018

The season has started quite well, only 4 postponed matches so far. Results are coming in mainly on time, one late one this week. Will Captains please use the new cards.

Entries for the individual competitions close on Saturday 13th.

31st August 2018

Presentation and AGM went off well. Division One and Two fixtures have been posted, Cup and Shield will follow shortly.

Unfortunately due to the late withdrawal of the Pirates team from the League Division Two fixtures now contain 2 byes each week. It is suggested that Captains may be able to use these to catch up on fixtures if required. There will be changes in the Cup and Aggregate fixtures.

The Labour Club alley could be out of action until after Christmas. Further details will be posted when they are known.

I have now settled in at my new address.Captains please ensure that you use the new cards as I am no longer having mail diverted.