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Updated 19th February 2018


19th February 2018

 Apologies for the absence of any results for the past month. For those of you who have moved house you can appreciate the upheaval.

Wallisdown and Hillbourne Lobbers dropping out from the League made things worse as the tables had to be redone.

Just to add to the problems the website is playing up, possibly due to the fact I am WiFi until BT can restore my wired connection(next Monday hopefully). 

22nd January 2018

Again due to my house move there will be no Results and Tables published for next week and possibly the week after(depending on BT!).Apologies for any inconvenience caused. 

Captains please make sure you send cards to the new address!! 

21st January 2018

I am moving house(at last!) on Monday 29th January.I will endeavour to avoid too much disruption. Captains have been sent all Draws and Handicaps, also my new address. I am losing the internet for a couple of week so League tables will not be posted for a while. I will still be available on my mobile and hopefully the landline.

Wallisdown A have withdrawn from the league. Matches against them will now be byes and the league table and results altered accordingly 

13th January 2018

All cards in on time 2 outstanding games. I am still having to "guess who or what" on some result cards. Last notice before action is taken! 

20th December 2017

All results in eventually.Still 3 outstanding games. Captains will be notified.

Please "Stevie Wonder" if you can't say anything constructive please don't say anything. I do not appreciate time wasters and posts will be taken down. Just in case anyone thinks I am being a misery at Christmas well I am. Happy  Christmas.!! 

9th December 2017

All results in by Saturday AM. Thanks, keep it up. I have 3 outstanding games to be played. I must remind Captains that if they are not played by the end of Week 13, 4 points will be added to the teams responsible in order that their handicap can be worked out for the KO Cup.This will not affect their normal league positions. 

4th December 2017

Web site seems to be back to normal. Would all entrants for the Mixed Pairs please note that there is no 1st Round, just a Final on Monday 19th February 2018.

All results and cards in on time although 3 captains were not quite with it! One card with no Week, Division or Home Team, one team with wrong week on card and one team with wrong card(Handicap)

Kickboard at the Coach is now firmly screwed down. 

28th November 2017

As you may have realised I have been having problems with the website which appear to have now been resolved. This has meant that results have not been posted. I am gradually bringing these up to date so please be patient. Regarding the first round of the Aggregate I had not received one of the results so I held them over just as the website crashed. I waited until Friday of the following week for one result card, the result had not been phoned, emailed or texted by the Tuesday. I would remind Captains of the rules, I do not have the time to chase late results, nor should I have to. Having to redo results takes time which at present I do not have a lot of due to my pending house move. Roll on completion!

   On to another subject, the kick board at the  Coach. I have received a letter regarding this and the Committee had already agreed on the night to talk to the Coach. In the meantime for the next competition (pairs Monday 4th December) I am bringing a drill and screws to ensure that the kick board is safe to use.

13th November 2017

All results in on time. If a team has to cancel a match will they give the opposition as much notice as possible. Also notify the secretary. 

7th November 2017

All results bar one in in time. I have not got a results from Hillbourne Lobbers. Draws for the first rounds of Singles and Pairs have been sent to Captains, also have been post on website. 

29th October 2017

All Week 7 results in on time. One cancellation.  Captains please note that if a team has only 5 players at any time  the score for the absent player is 5.This only applies to League fixtures not  Aggregate matches. Different rules apply for KO Cup matches

24th October 2017

Week 6 all results in on time. No cancellations or shock results. One little moan! When sending me cash do not send old £1 coins. I have to take them to the bank.  

15th October 2017

Week 5 all results in on time. No cancellations more shock results!Would Captains ensure that result cards and forms are properly filled in. I have spent almost an hour sorting out what could have been an ineligible player but it turned out to be a spelling mistake. Also I received an entry form for the individual competitions with no team on it, more time and detective work. Once could be a mistake, twice is careless, three times could involve a fine!! 

9th October 2017

Week 4 all results in on time. No cancellations. One or two shock results! 

3rd October 2017

Week 3 all results in on time. No cancellations. Individual competition entry forms have been sent out. Please note closing date is Saturday 14th October 2017

26th September 2017

Week 2 all results in on time, one postponed match.Apologies for the layout of results pages,I am having a few problems.

17th September 2017

Season started well all results in on time but one postponed match already, not down to team though. As you may have heard I am in the process of moving house. As soon as I have my new address I will send out stickers but until then keep using the current one. Hopefully the phone numbers and email addresses will remain the same. I will also arrange post forwarding. 

5th September 2017

   Season starts next week (11th September). Fixtures have been posted. Delay was due to a decision having to be made at Monday's  Committee meeting. There are only two divisions this year so there will be a bye in both divisions each week. Competition fixtures and programme will follow shortly.