Format and Rules of Knockout Cup Competition


The competition starts on January 6th week 2020.

The handicaps will be decided on League Positions after half the League matches have been played.

Teams who have not completed half the league games will incur a temporary award of 4 points in respect of each game not played




To be run on a home and away aggregate score competition for the first round, then as a knockout competition. The First named team will be at home and play on the same night as in league fixtures. If different, Home team captain to contact the opposing side.

Each team will be notified of their handicap before the start of the competition, teams to consist of 6 players. Teams with less than 6 players (to a minimum of 4) MUST PLAY but a score of 5 pins will be marked up for missing players. Handicap score to be added on to total after 1st leg. Total score over 10 legs, double back as in league.

GAME MUST BE COMPLETED AND CORRECT SCORE PUT ON SCORECARD, pin difference to decide qualification into the knockout stage.

Should a match have to be cancelled which is deemed by the committee to be exceptional circumstances the committee, whose decision shall be final and conclusive can order the game to be played within 14 days of the original date.

No league game may be cancelled to enable a Cup or Shield match to be played. A team in default will be liable to forfeit the match and pay a £5 fine.

Beer money to be awarded to the winner of the match,if a tie no money to be awarded.

Semi-Finals and Finals will be played on a neutral alley as determined by the committee.